Western International Sunday Market

Western International Sunday Market has been in existence since 1981 and originally stood in the site of the old Western International Wholesale Market in Hayes Road, Southall in Middlesex.

In July 2008 the Wholesale Market, which opens from Monday to Saturday, moved to newly constructed premises a few hundred metres down the road and the Sunday Market moved with it. The Sunday Market takes place on the large customer car park adjacent to the Wholesale Market. Located near Heathrow Airport less than a quarter mile from the M4 Motorway and just off the A312 Hayes Bypass, Western International is owned by the London Borough of Hounslow and privately operated by Bray Associates. The Sunday Market’s lease was acquired by tender in October 2010 by Bray. Bray Associates take pride and care in all of their markets and are the largest private outdoor market operators in the UK. Their mission is to provide customers with the best service while maintaining a professional approach and good practice. The experienced staff of Bray Associates work hard to ensure that all of their events run smoothly and are both enjoyable and profitable for all their traders and customers. Western International Sunday Market is the biggest market in the North West and West London, and prides itself on being a family friendly market. It serves the local community very well, with the majority visiting the market every Sunday.The market offers customers a fantastic variety of products and has something for everyone. The variety of stalls reflects the great ethnic mix of the local population. The traders are very friendly with the customers and know many of them because of how regular they visit the market. This helps to create a relaxed atmosphere and an enjoyable shopping experience. There is a huge amount of FREE public car parking available on the site within easy walking distance of the market and traders are allowed to park their own vehicles behind their stalls

The layout of the Market is extremely shopper-friendly with very wide aisles, many of them having raised areas between the rows with attractive, strategically placed plant beds down the centres. The Outdoor Market has around 300 pitches and takes place every Sunday between 8.00am to 3.00pm.

Traders can arrive at the market and set up from 6.00am. Casuals are welcome at the market, however must have identification with them. A casual can become a regular at the market after a couple of weeks of trading, once you do become a regular you will be given your permanent pitch. However if you wish to remain a casual then management can make no guarantee on where your stall will be each week. The price for a regular is £5.00 per ft (minimum of 10ft) and for a casual is £6.00 per ft (minimum of 10ft). Casuals can rent tables from the market for £5.00 each if they don’t have their own, this is good way to gauge how you think you will do at the market before purchasing your own equipment.

Anyone who is interested in becoming at trader at the market should contact the Market Manager Les Stevens on 0797 173 8239. Traders can pay £10 extra a week to keep their stalls and products in secure containers at the market. Also included in this price a member of staff will also ensure that everything is out and ready at your pitch for when you arrive.

There is currently room for new traders at Western International Sunday Market and any commodities will be considered, especially fresh food traders. The market is very strict on counterfeit goods and any trader caught selling these will be removed immediately.

Bray Associates hired security patrol the market during the opening hours to make sure everything runs smoothing, which also enhances the markets reputation as being a very safe family friendly market.

Bray also employs other members of staff to look after parking and cleaning. All the members of staff work very hard in keeping the market in tip top shape and as well as being very friendly they will strive to help answer any questions you may have. Western International Sunday Market is a great market and the traders are truly a credit to Bray Associates.

Hayes Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5XJ

Sunday Market. 6.00am till 4.30pm.

Plenty of FREE parking, easy public transport access.

vehicles behind their stalls

Contact Les: 07971738239
Contact Dan: 07779429992